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About Liz Mulligan and Fraud Resolution for Seniors

I have been working with seniors since 2000 when I began working for a great homecare company called With a Little Help (www.withalittlehelp.com).  In 2006, I started Fraud Resolution for Seniors, LLC, to utilize my financial and sleuthing skills to help seniors who have been financially exploited.  My expertise includes reconstructing financial histories and identifying and documenting misdeeds.  Once documented, I work with credit reporting agencies, banks, attorneys and others to help clients recover from exploitation.  My experience has shown that it takes consistent and persistent follow through to get the desired results for my client—and I am relentless until there is resolution. 

Resolving financial abuse is about money but it also has a huge emotional impact on seniors.  They may believe they are ‘stupid’ for allowing exploitation to happen or they may be ashamed that this has happened to them.  I provide all services in a kind and gentle way, emphasizing to them that they are not at fault.  I want them to know they have an advocate in me.  I will do everything within my power to stop further exploitation and to help restore financial soundness.

How I got Involved in Senior Fraud Issues

I have been working with seniors since 2000.  Interest in the problem of financial abuse of seniors began when I worked with a client whose bookkeeper was defrauding him.  After reconstructing the financial history and researching transactions, it was determined that $219,000 had been stolen through a variety of schemes.  The documentation was given to the prosecuting attorney, and the perpetrator was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Prior to working with seniors, my career was at the University of Washington.  Managing a cost center in the health sciences gave me extensive experience in accounting, auditing and problem solving.  These skills plus experience navigating a large institution’s rules and regulations have helped me resolve problems for seniors.

I was born and raised in Utah and graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Business Administration.  When not working, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, doing outdoor activities and being of service.  Currently I volunteer in a program that educates seniors on how to protect themselves from fraud.

If you suspect elder fraud, please call for a no charge consultation. 
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Fraud Resolution for Seniors
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Helping Seniors Recover from Financial Exploitation in Seattle & King County


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