Helping Seniors Recover from Financial Exploitation in Seattle & King County


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If you suspect elder fraud, please call for a no charge consultation. 
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Fraud Resolution for Seniors, LLC helps seniors recover from financial exploitation including the following:

  • Identity Theft

  • Telemarketing Scams

  • Questionable Charities

  • Unscrupulous Caregivers

  • Family Fraud

  Financial exploitation is the fastest growing form of elder abuse today.  One in twenty seniors will fall prey to financial abuse this year according to statistics  

Services Offered

Fraud Resolution
  • Reconstructing financial history

  • Identifying and documenting problem areas

  • Tackling fraudulent financial transactions

  • Helping client file police report if indicated

  • Working with investigators, attorneys and tax preparers

  • Contacting credit bureaus

    • Fraud alert on account

    • Obtain credit reports

  • Contacting credit card companies

    • Disputing charges

    • Requesting fraud alert

    • Requesting statements and back-up documents

    • Working with investigators

    • Consistent and persistent follow-up

  • Dealing with telemarketers for bogus services and charities

  • Ensuring client is on Do Not Call List

  • Submitting client's name to Direct Marketing Association Do Not Contact lists

  • Monitoring client's accounts

Money Management

  • Bill paying

  • Balancing checkbooks and organizing bank records

  • Preparing and delivering bank deposits

  • Negotiating with creditors

  • Organizing tax documents and other paperwork

  • Reviewing your life insurance for a policy checkup.

  • Member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Northend Senior Care Coalition
  • AARP Fraud Fighter Program


From Liz Mulligan, Owner

"Telemarketers and questionable charities that take advantage of seniors are particularly loathsome to me.  If a senior has fallen for a scam once, it is highly likely that their name will end up on a ‘suckers list’ that is sold over and over again so the senior gets an increasing number of rip-off phone calls.  I have had success in getting my client’s money returned, having their name removed from solicitation lists and/or filing complaints against the scammers."     

More about Liz Mulligan and Fraud Resolution for Seniors

Fraud Resolution for Seniors
Liz Mulligan
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Helping Seniors Recover from Financial Exploitation in Seattle & King County

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